Get your apprentices ready for the modern world

ICE is committed to helping plumbing, gasfitting, and drainlaying businesses by helping its apprentices. We do this by raising both the quality and capacity of industry training.

With the space to take on extra trainees, we make sure apprentices are no longer turned away or delayed in their training. This means they can finish their apprenticeship on time – and start adding value to your business faster.

And by using the latest teaching resources, technologies, and methods, we give your apprentice the skills to succeed long after they’ve finished studying.

How is ICE different to other types of training?

The primary purpose of ICE is simple: to grow both the quality and capacity of training in New Zealand’s plumbing, gasfitting, and drainlaying sector, ensuring that future demand will be met.

ICE will also invite more involvement from employers as well as collaboration among various bodies within the industry.

This will provide wholesalers, manufacturers, utilities, and other stakeholders with the opportunity to have more involvement in the development and delivery of training in the sector.

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