Become a trainer for ICE

ICE prides itself on industry connections

We exclusively recruit our course trainers from the trades. We want our students to learn from people who have been there, who have years if not decades of construction experience, who are plain speaking and willing to share their knowledge. We need people like you to help bring through a younger generation on the tools.

Why switch from being a tradie to teaching tradies?

There are many reasons why our existing trainer took up the role.

Many of our trainers are exceptionally experienced, and wanted a bit of a career change without having to completely re-train or take a huge pay-cut. Some of our trainers recognised that they could not keep doing heavy physical work forever or wanted a reliable working week with no emergency calls-outs at the weekend. Others simply value the importance of sharing their skills with young people eager to learn and make a living.

All of our trainers appreciate our industry-centric, hands-on approach to training that reflects the real world.

What will I be teaching?

Our trainees can choose to study the full P, G & D programme, or P & D, or only G or only D. We prefer our trainers to be at certifying level in all three disciplines, but we are also interested in certifying drainlayers only.

The course content is set already, but is quite broad, so there is plenty of opportunity for you to blend in your real-world experiences, anecdotes and examples. You won’t only be adding colour for your students, but building trust by showing them your capabilities.

How much do you pay?

Salary depends on experience, number of days teaching, and your area of expertise, but we can assure you we offer competitive rates of pay comparable to working in the industry itself.

I’ve no idea how to teach, what help will you give me?

We offer a transition programme to help turn tradies into trainers at a pace that works for them. You might start with some marking work, or supervision of training sessions. We can set you up to shadow an experienced trainer.

Our course content is designed by our industry board – again, all industry professionals, and our programme leader and senior trainers have developed lesson plans – so you won’t need to work out what to teach, just how best to deliver the content. Our trainers have developed their own personal style and are known for their expertise in specific areas.

What facilities do you have?

We offer a wide range of teaching environments that simulate the real-world. We are committed to offering applied learning experiences. For example, we have specialised rigs to offer students experience in hard-to-come-by real world situations, such as backflow prevention. We also have two customised gas training containers that can be transported to other sites for remote learning, as well as our augmented reality HoloLens™ technology. This isn’t virtual reality, this is the real world, digitally enhanced.

Are you linked with national bodies?

Yes, we have representation on our board, or an open dialogue with, all the major PGD national bodies including Master Plumbers NZ, Plumbers Gasfitters & Drainlayers Board (PGDB), Apprentice Training Trust (ATT), as well as the Skills Organisation that has over 30-years-experience in delivering on the job, industry relevant training.

How do I apply?

Please phone Antony Russell on 027 205 7007 for a confidential discussion.