Our Partners

The primary purpose of ICE is simple: to grow both the quality and capacity of training in New Zealand’s plumbing, gasfitting, drainlaying and roofing sectors, ultimately ensuring that future demand will be met.

Collaboration with the industry is one of the key pillars for ICE’s success. We provide a pathway of greater collaboration and involvement from industry stakeholders to meet the desired outcomes for the trainee, employer and industry. This extends a unique opportunity to employers, industry bodies, wholesalers, manufacturers and other stakeholders: being involved in the development and delivery of training in the sector.

Key industry bodies lend their support to ICE to meet these objectives:

  • To increase training capacity in New Zealand.
  • To ensure a quality experience with ICE that extends from collaboration to an innovative approach to training delivery; quality communication with employers and apprentices to high-quality teaching.

Suppliers to the PGD & Roofing industries work closely with us to deliver specialist topics and materials. They recognise both the importance and the quality of the ICE’s work in training apprentices, providing help where they can.

Strategic Partners:

Supply Partners: