What is RoVE?


RoVE is the new government instituted Reform of Vocational Education, instituted by the New Zealand Government in 2019.

Information for Employers

Roofing programmes are on the move to Industry Connection for Excellence (ICE)
As you will be aware the Reform of Vocational Education (ROVE) is well underway. This means that Skills is transitioning arranging training activity to a variety of organisations called ‘Receiving Organisations’. Arranging Training means the provision of on-job and off-job training and support. We can now confirm that as of 1 September, the arranging training activity related to Roofing programmes for your apprentice(s) will move to Industry Connection for Excellence (ICE).

Training agreements and your information
The information Skills holds about your employee(s) existing formal training agreement will also transfer to ICE with the same terms and conditions. Rest assured, all information will remain confidential and secure throughout the transition process.

Changes we are making behind the scenes
From 26 – 31 August 2022, we are implementing ‘read only’ to My Skills and Skillsbank. This means that no changes can be made to these systems during that period. Your apprentice(s) will not be able to access their learning materials including RANZ videos or assessments. They will also need to hold on to their on-job books as these can’t be submitted during this time.

There is nothing you need to do
The services you receive in relation to training programmes and support will carry over. Some of the Skills Account Managers are moving to ICE and as much as possible Account Managers will stay with their existing apprentices. ICE and Skills are working together to ensure that all Account Managers are trained ready to support you and your staff. The same goes for your block course and night class provider. Your apprentice(s) are currently enrolled with ICE and this carries over.

Next Steps & Support
If you have any further questions between now and 1 September 2022, please contact your Skills Account Manager they are best placed to help you. If you can’t get hold of them, please contact Skills Customer support team on 0508 754 557 or support@skills.org.nz

Frequently Asked Questions
Please take a look at the below Frequently Asked Questions as you may find it helpful.


When will I find out who will look after my apprentices?
The move from Skills to ICE takes place on the 1September 2022. Your new Account Manager will be in touch with you from the 30August 2022 to introduce themselves and chat with you about your and your apprentice’s needs.

If I get a different Account Managers will the new person be experienced?
Yes, we plan to use a buddy system to pair new Account Managers with experienced Account Managers.

Will my Account Manager be locally based?
Account Managers will be based across New Zealand to keep supporting you and your apprentice(s). We are currently mapping all apprentices across the regions to Account Managers to get the best coverage possible.

Will they still visit at least 4 times a year?
Yes, our commitment is that your Account Manager will visit you at least 4 times a year.

Will my Account Manager still visit at the times that suit my business, e.g. 7am in the morning?
Yes, your Account Manager will ensure their meetings with you will suit your business needs.

When I want to sign up a new apprentice will it still be done face to face?
Yes, that process will still continue.

How will I be notified of any changes to Account Managers moving forward?
Your existing Account Manager will keep you up to date with any changes including introducing you to a new ICE Account Manager if needed.

I now have apprentices/trainees with different providers. Can I have one Account Manager to look after them all?
ICE Account Managers will look after your apprentices that are registered with us. If you have an apprentice with another provider they will likely have their own Account Manager. This approach will provide the most tailored support for your apprentices.

Can we transfer all of my apprentices to the same provider?
If you would like to transfer all your apprentices to the same provider, please talk to your Account Manager to discuss how this can be done.


What is ‘read only’ and when does it start?
From 26 – 31 August 2022, we are implementing ‘read only’ to My Skills and Skillsbank. This means that no changes can be made to these systems during that period. Your apprentice(s) will not be able to access their learning materials including RANZ videos or assessments. We will send out email and text message reminders to your apprentice(s) prior to the 26 August.

Will I still be able to see my apprentice(s) progress in My Skills?
Yes, but only up until the 25 August. After that, progress will not be updated as we make changes to the systems.

What do my apprentice(s) do if they need copies of their learning materials, assessments and/or progress reports during the read only period?
Skills will be able to help you with this. Please contact our Customer Support team on 0508 754 557 or support@skills.org.nz and the team will email your apprentice(s) with PDF copies.

What about submitting on-job books?
Your apprentice(s) won’t be unable to submit on-job books during the read only period, but hang on to them as they will be able to submit them from the 1 September 2022 directly to ICE.


Will my apprentice(s) continue using My Skills and Skillsbank?
Not for My Skills. ICE will provide you and your apprentice(s) a temporary online portal to use from the 1 September 2022 to access your apprentice’s reports and progress while they setup their new online portal which launches on 1 October 2022. The great news is that all online progress and learning your apprentice(s) completed before the read only period will be transferred so they can pick up where they left off.

Your apprentice(s) will continue to use Skillsbank for their online learning from the 1 September 2022 while ICE setup their new online learning management system which launches on 1 October 2022.

What will happen with logins, passwords etc.?
ICE will provide you and your apprentice’s new logins and passwords to access online progress and learning. ICE will send you and your apprentices an email with links to the new systems and instructions from the week of the 29 August 2022.


Are the on-job books going to change?
The branding will change but the content will remain the same. Make sure your apprentice keeps using what they have. For new apprentices they will receive the same course material which will be ICE branded, but the rest of it won’t change.

Can my apprentices use the same workbooks they already have?


Do my apprentices still go to the same place for block courses/ night classes?
Yes, that won’t change.

What will happen to devices that have been provided to my apprentices through the Skills tech fund?
ICE has taken over ownership of these devices, and your apprentice can continue using them to support their learning.

What will happen to E-pen dyslexia aids issued by Skills?
ICE has taken over ownership of these devices and your apprentices can continue to use their E-pen to support their learning.


What will happen to Workplace Verifiers?
If you are a current Workplace Verifier, you will continue to be. If you would like to become a Workplace Verifier, please talk to your Account Manager.

Do Workplace Verifiers need new numbers and new forms?
No, all Workplace Verifier details stay the same and transfer from Skills to ICE.

Can my Workplace Verifiers sign off apprentices that are studying with different providers – e.g. ICE and VHNZ?
Verifiers can be registered with multiple providers. They are registered with the body who reports credits and who does final assessment sign-offs, so in most cases the workplace verifier will only sign off ICE apprentices. If a Workplace Verifier is registered with both ICE and ICE, for example, then they can sign off apprentices for either provider.


Will short courses continue to be paid as they were through Skills? E.g. First Aid, Confined Spaces, Height Safety?
The fees for the short courses are incorporated into the standard apprentice fees, either covered by the Targeted Training and Apprenticeship Fund (TTAF), up until the 31 December 2022. From 1 January 2023, the apprentice will need to do this themselves. If Height Safety, Confined Spaces and First Aid are required for the apprentice’s training, ICE will manage the payment to the provider directly. However, your apprentice will need to cover the fees for any resits or refreshers.


What is happening with the TTAF and Fees Free schemes and what does that mean for me/my apprentices?
TTAF has been extended to December 2022. From January 2023, Fees Free schemes will be back as they were prior to TTAF.

Is Apprenticeship Boost still available if my apprentices change providers?
The Government has announced an extension of the Apprenticeship Boost scheme until 31 December 2023. The first-year apprentice subsidy to employers will change to $500 per month from 5 August 2022, matching the second-year apprentice subsidy which will remain at $500 per month. Apprenticeship boost will continue to be available if you meet the criteria even if you change providers.


Will our training agreements need to change?
Yes, BUT only for new apprentices. ICE will have a new training agreement document that you will use for signing up new apprentices. All existing training agreements are being transferred to us and you do not need to do anything for this.

What do I need to do as part of this change?
Nothing – we are doing all the background work to ensure the move is as smooth as possible. Your Account Managers will be in touch with you the week of 30 August 2022 to introduce themselves and chat with you about your needs and answer any questions you may have.


What should do I do if I have further questions?
Please call your Skills Account Manager. They are the best placed to help you. If you can’t get hold of them, please contact Skills Customer support team on 0508 754 557 or support@skills.org.nz